Go|Urban 2017 is THE camp to meet Luxembourgish and international guide scout groups and to find new friends for life. In order, to shorten the waiting time until the camp, we are now launching a big contest: Go|Movie.

All interested Luxembourgish and international scout groups can participate in this contest. Every branch / group is invited to produce a short movie (maximum 30 seconds). The content of this short movie should be about their visions of the Go|Urban camp.

As soon as the Go|Urban web team receives the short movies, they will be published on Facebook (facebook.com/Gourban2017). The groups’ short movie, which collects the most likes on our Facebook page until 16 July 2017, wins an exclusive barbecue during the camp. In addition, we may use some short movies for different PR activities before, during and after the Go|Urban camp.

Send your movies to:

Please don’t forget to collect the agreement of the parents, if children appear in your short movie.

Here some hints for you to develop your ideas:

  • What does the Go|Urban represent for you?
  • What do you want to live and see there?
  • Why should one absolutely participate in the Go|Urban?
  • 5 areas: Go|Adventure, Go|Creative, Go|Mind&Spirit, Go|Nature, Go|Social
  • Participatory, sustainable, open, holistic

Find more information about the Go|Urban on our website: https://gourban.lgs.lu/concept/