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Program: All „Avex“ and „CaraPio“ (Ages 11 to 17) and their leaders will go on a day trip to explore Luxembourg on one of the days during the camp. This trip needs to be booked the day prior to the visit. On this day, there is no need to go to the Job Centre to book a job.

Registration procedure: The procedure for the booking of a visit is exactly the same as the procedure for booking a job. The only difference is that we only offer full day activities. The only exception to the day before booking procedure is the visit to Luxembourg airport on 26.07. We only offer this visit on that day and the booking must be made on the July 19th, or 20th. The travel agency will be open on those days for the bookings. For this visit you must provide your ID card, or passport to receive a security clearance.

Registration leaders: All leaders should register in advance for their visits. This is possible from July 19th onward. Leaders will be provided with the necessary information immediately after registration.

Quiz: In order to present some of the visits to your guides/scouts, you can play the quiz during one of your next meetings. You can find the instructions for the quiz here. You can download and print the quiz.