We will create a new city – Our own Guide and Scout City! This city will host residential and programme districts, as well as a big city-centre. As Guides and Scouts live all together in our own City, the camp programme will result through living, working and having fun together. The city will be animated and experienced by guides and scouts of all ages and branches.

The City will offer different programme areas. Like in a “real” city, participants will be working, learning and passing their free time having fun. In the different programme districts everyone can enjoy the activities that suit him most and where he feels that he will develop himself the most. The operative side of the camp will not only be undertaken by staff members, but will be part of the learning experience, thus for example food distribution, the camp newspaper, logistics… will be open for participants to make new experiences. At Go|Urban participants will be free to move inside the different programme areas and participate actively in the organisation of their own programme schedule.

Even though most activities at Go|Urban will take place on and around the Kirchberg campsite, guides and scouts (aged >11) will be leaving the camp ground for their overnight hike as well as participate in visits and activities in Luxembourg-City and around the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Cornerstones of our programme:

Sustainable: We aim for sustainable activities at the camp, meaning that all products produced/realised during our activities (ex. Workshops) should in some way serve a useful purpose afterwards (ex. upcycling). The programme will be built around the principals of the “education for more sustainability” concept.

Participation: As participant we will bring our own ideas and talents into the programme and we will get time and space to offer workshops and games in the different areas. In the 5 programme areas everyone will be able to choose from different activities and organise his own programme for the days spend in the Go|Urban City.

Open/Visible: In order to assure the quality of our activities we will also collaborate with external experts in the field of the activity (Guides/Scouts and non-Guides/Scouts). These experts could help us enrich the experience of the activity for participants and staff members. We would also like to spread scouting into the City of Luxembourg and countryside by offering activities in different parks or city-centre areas. On our open-day we will open the doors of the camp to the public.

Integral/Educational: All activities must fit the educational concept of the LGS (Luxembourg Guide and Scout Association). During the camp, participants will be clearly informed in which of the five development areas a given activity is supporting their development. By the end of the camp, participants should have touched at each of the 5 areas (Go|Adventure, Go|Creative, Go|Mind & Spirit, Go|Nature, Go|Social), this in order to have a complete and integral learning experience.