Go | Social

During the camp, you will be able to enrol in activities that you – on your own or with your friends –  would like to explore (the younger ones will be grouped).  At our “job-centre” you will be free to choose in your age group among activities from 5 different fields. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what we will offer in the field of Go|Social:


Sensitization and mobilization
In collaboration with our partners, you can go on a great journey of discovery. We will focus on subjects such as social justice, children’s rights or people on the run. Those are subjects that affect all of us and that are worth being dealt with.

For example: Calculate you own carbon footprint

                       Paper recycling

                       Life with a handicap: a rally through the town

                       Children’s rights around the world

                       Life as a refugee

                       Treasures of the rainforest


Encountering others
As boy scouts and girl guides we are open to meet others, but we rarely get in contact with people from other social realities. You’ll find the possibility to actively participate in the everyday life of different, very interesting people, to exchange different views and to assist them.

For example:  Laugh and cry with the clown from a children’s hospital

                       A day on a farm, on which people with a disability work

                       Sewing and filling toilet bags for an aid organization

                       Games and board games in all forms and shapes.

                       Knitting and crocheting with senior citizens


One World

Interculturality and development cooperation
There are many countries where people have to live on lower standards than in Luxembourg or in Europe. Our goal is to question our behavior and our consumption, but also to discover new cultures and lifestyles. We want to meet those valuable cultures from another perspective and in doing so, maybe find an answer to the question on how to leave this world a little better than we found it.

For example: From the sheep to the jumper:  Weaving as in the Andes

                       Discover Nepal in a playful way

                       Understanding fair trade

                       Cooking in the World Café