Go | Adventure

During the camp, you will be able to enrol in activities that you – on your own or with your friends –  would like to explore (the younger ones will be grouped).  At our “job-centre” you will be free to choose in your age group among activities from 5 different fields. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what we will offer in the field of Go|Adventure:


Water Activities
Luxembourg does not have access to the sea, but the rivers Sauer and Mosel as well as the lakes in the north offer plenty of possibilities to have fun and action in and around the water.

Examples: Kayaking, Wakeboarding, and much more


Dynamic Games
Scouts of all ages like to play dynamic and challenging games, we will not use our game consoles here, but offer a lot of possibilities for dynamic outdoor games.

Examples: Finding Mister X, Counter Strike, and much more


On specialised sites, off camp sites, as well as onsite, we will offer Low and High Ropes   courses to test your limits.

Examples: High-Ropes, obstacle courses, Monkey-Tree, and much more


You can prove your dexterity, courage and strength in our Go|Urban adventure programme, which will offer climbing in all its forms (climbing, abseiling, and bouldering).

Examples: different forms of climbing, bouldering walls, and much more


What would a camp be without sports? It’s good to keep fit, engage with new friends and get to experience lesser known sports. Even at B.P.’s first camp sports were already part of the programme.

Examples: Archery, Rugby, Baseball, and much more