Go | Creative

During the camp, you will be able to enrol in activities that you – on your own or with your friends –  would like to explore (the younger ones will be grouped).  At our “job-centre” you will be free to choose in your age group among activities from 5 different fields. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what we will offer in the field of Go|Creative:


Since this is an urban camp you will be able to express your creativity by exploring different kinds of street art. Some will be more traditional, others will use natural resources and/or special techniques.

Examples: Graffiti Workshops and much more


Craftsmanship is not just a useful tool to build and construct, but can include important elements of creativity. Using and re-using different kinds of materials and tools to show your skills will be on offer.

Examples: Up-Cycling Workshops, creating and building your own tools for use during the camp and much more


Different forms of artistic processes and creative artistic works will be part of our creative programme offers at Go|Urban. Using music, expression, theatre, painting we will have fun exploring and creating.

Examples: Building your own musical instrument and using it, A to Z creating and use of your own puppet theatre and much more


Using traditional and modern media to express yourself in word, sound, picture and film will be offered during the Go|Creative programme activities. Some of this material will be used in the camp paper, on the homepage or at the closing ceremony.

Examples: Different Photography Workshops, adlip-Rap Video and much more