Go | Mind & Spirit

During the camp, you will be able to enrol in activities that you – on your own or with your friends –  would like to explore (the younger ones will be grouped).  At our “job-centre” you will be free to choose in your age group among activities from 5 different fields. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what we will offer in the field of Go|Mind & Spirit:


At our very own camp university, participants of all ages will have a lot of fun discovering science and technology in different ways. We will of course keep it very practical and you will be able to experiment yourself.

Examples: Science experiments with Mister Science, Mind-Factory, building a robot, and much more


Debating Club
Scouting is a school for life, being able to express one’s opinion, listening to others and having a real fruitful dialogue should not be missed out on during a scout camp.

Examples: Interesting, relevant and stimulating debate


Spirituality and faith
Understanding different views on the spiritual dimension of scouting, exploring one’s own spirituality and faith, or simply finding some rest and peace during a turbulent camp will be offered.

Examples: laying out a Zen-Garden, Yoga Sessions, spiritual moments and prayer, and much more


Gaming Bar
Different forms of games can trigger our mind and sharpen our senses. Why not try or even invent alternative and new board or role playing games?

Examples: Role play, inventing and playing one’s own board game, and much more