Go | Nature

During the camp, you will be able to enrol in activities that you – on your own or with your friends –  would like to explore (the younger ones will be grouped).  At our “job-centre” you will be free to choose in your age group among activities from 5 different fields. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what we will offer in the field of Go|Nature:


Native Village
In & around LGS’s very own big Celtic house, at the Native Village, an educational and exciting site, we learn about the life of ancient tribes and cultures and how the Celts or the stone age tribes lived in the mundane.

Examples: Fire making with drill bow & firestones, stone age-cooking, and much more


Projet Wild Thing
Presentation of the documentary « Project Wild Thing » in the presence of director David Bond. He inspires children and young people to discover the ultimate wonder-product for free: NATURE. This project can lead to discussions and your contributions can help to create a larger network by joining your nature games and experiences.

Examples: Movie presentation, Discussion, The Wild Network & Wildtime App


Nature skills
During different workshops with experts you can learn all you need to know about living in and with nature, and how to use natural materials. Discover how much we can make ourselves using natural treasures .

Examples: Using wild herbs, Cooking & baking with open fire, constructions with natural materials, and much more


The Farm
On our Go|Urban farm, you can not only meet animals such as chicken, pigs or cows, but also discover plenty of materials and activities as scout-farmer. You can also explore our own crops and vegetable gardens.

Examples: How to treat animals correctly and use animal products, the use of herbs & vegetables cultivated in our raised garden beds, and much more