• Which equipment do I need to bring?

Click on the following link to get a list of the required equipment : https://gourban.lgs.lu/en/info/materiallescht/


  • Do I get a refund if I can’t attend or if I can only attend a couple of days?

You’ll find some information on our refund policy listed under point 1 in the document Terms&Conditions :



  • What is included in the price?

The following are included in the price: programme, infrastructure (except sleeping and kitchen tents for Avex, Carapio and Raro), transport during the camp and meals.


  • How can I get to the campsite?

The campground can be reached in 15 minutes by bus from the main station and from the airport (Lux-Airport). Shuttlebuses will run on the official arrival and departure days. You can also directly reach Luxembourg by Flibco Buses (http://www.flibco.com), which depart from the “Low-Cost” Airports Frankfurt-Hahn and Brussels-Charleroi.


  • As a Raro, can I attend the camp on my own without a leader?

Of course, you can attend the camp on your own without a leader. Raros will stay in international units of 50 people composed of 2-3 people of the same group.


  • What is the daily routine at the camp?

Click on the following link https://gourban.lgs.lu/en/timetable to find examples of the daily routine.


  • What are the official languages at the camp?

The official languages at the camp are English, French, German and Luxembourgish.


  • Is a doctor present at the camp?

A Go|Medical Team composed of doctors and nurses will be present on site. You’ll find the information on the Go|Medical Team listed under point 6 in the document Terms&Conditions https://gourban.lgs.lu/en/info/downloads/terms-and-conditions/


  • Are friends or family members allowed to visit?

An Open day will take place on Sunday, July 23rd . On this day, we welcome everyone who wants to visit the camp. On any other day, visitors need prior authorization by the camp secretariat.


  • Do I have to cook my own meals and what kind of dishes will be served?

A team will cook for beaver and cup scouts and the staff (IST). The other participants (Avex, Carapio, Raro) will cook their own meals together with their leaders. You’ll find ideas for your meals in the camp recipe book. You can choose all the ingredients in the camp supermarket (included in the participation fee). Click on the following link to find more information: https://gourban.lgs.lu/en/info/ravi-gofood/


  • Do I cook on an open fire or using gas?

This is up to you. Firewood will be provided to you. You can buy gas at the camp.


  • What activities are offered?

You can design most of the programme yourself. The programme consists of 5 areas: Go|Adventure, Go|Creative, Go|Mind&Spirit, Go|Nature a Go|Social. In addition, different visits will be offered and 3 major events will take place. Avex and CaraPio will participate in a hike and Raro in a path. Click on the following link to find more information: https://gourban.lgs.lu/en/program/


  • How do I apply for special leave (Congé de Jeunesse) (only for participants from Luxembourg)?

You can apply for special leave (Congé de Jeunesse) for the period from July 7th to August 2nd. You must fill in the form and your employer must sign it. Send the signed form to the LGS secretariat, which will attach the official programme before forwarding it. Click on the following link for more information: https://gourban.lgs.lu/info/downloads/conge-jeunesse/