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A boy and girl scout village with  5.000 inhabitants from different cultures. Kirchberg will experience the creation of its biggest, newest, most autonomous and sustainable district – The Go|Urban.

The Luxembourgish Boy and Girl Scout Association (LGS) will realise this challenge during the summer 2017 by organising an international camp for children and young adults aged 6 to 23.

One of our goals is to invite scouts from the countries we shared projects with, e.g. Senegal, Niger, Haiti, Bosnia, Georgia … To make this possible, we launched the Go|Support fund – a fund  you can contribute to in order to make the Go|Urban the largest international camp ever organised in Luxembourg by the LGS.

Fondatioun Lëtzebuerger  Guiden a Scouten am Déngscht vun de Jonken

BILLULL LU95 0025 1738 1154 8100 with the mention: Go Support

Financial donations to the Foundation are deductible.